Thursday, May 31, 2012

Regular Show Fan Art


OOOOOOOOOOOOH! Here's something I made for my perspective class last fall. We just had to ink it so I just finished the coloring. I think im getting better at teh photoshops.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Some Stuff from Spring 2012

Ay, Everybody! Spring Semester was caaarzy since I took 18 units, all studio classses, and worked on a short film. Theres still a few things I need to document and polish up but I'll leave you with some of this stuff for now...
 These are some character expression sheets that I made for the Eric Goldberg Masterclass, which I got accepted into! That means this summer I get to work with the Animator on Aladdin's genie and 15 other animators to create a short film from concept to completion! Admission into the class was competitive so I'm honored that I got in.

 These are character drawings I did while observing people at Irvine Spectrum, which is like an outside mall. In my figure drawing for animators class, we spent a day at Irvine Spectrum and that's how these drawings came to be.
Lastly, here are some celebrity caricatures I also did for my figure drawing for animator's class. Can you guess who they are?
Also, I just became the new Animation representative for LCAD which means that I will start posting things on the school's blog at some point so I'll post links from this blog to the other blog.