Friday, April 1, 2011

Character Design and Zodiac illustrations

Here is a fun assignment from my character design class where we had to created characters around a narrative. I took the Todzilla comic strips from before and elaborated the ideas into a cartoon pitch.
Toddilla is a giant monster who wants to be a real superhero just like his hero Chicken man. He disguises himself as Turbo Tyrannaman and tries to impress the fellow giant monsters of "Monstropolis" and his school. Unfortunately, the other monsters have little respect for him so he is mainly ridiculed by others and does not have many friends, one of which is an anxious moth name Mojh who cant find time to sleep during the day (becuase of giant monster school) or night since he is nocturnal. Wolfboy is Chickenman's side kick and secret arch nemesis who feels as if he is in the shadow of a clown. He hopes to rid of chickenman and become a more serious and conservative hero

Here is the assignment I enjoyed most from any of my illustration classes thus far! I had to illustrate the Zodiac for a gaming magazine so I thought of a group of characters that could easily be seen in a 90's beat up game with powers and personalities based of the zodiac. Here are 5 spot illustrations

and here is a half page spread based off my astrological sign.

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