Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Character Design Final

Here is my final for my character design class. We had to design a cast of characters based off of a phrase. My phrase was "Alien Sprawl" so I came up with a narrative where a middle aged and unappreciated accountant gets abducted by an organization of endangered alien species whom are spanning the cosmos to look for specimens to cross breed with to continue their species. But these aliens are endangered for specific reasons.This next character is the accountant's ex wife followed by their troublesome daughter.

The first alien is the glamorous and arrogant leader of the organization. His species consists of aliens who are born incomplete. He is a developing fetus in a jar who moves around with a robotic body. His father is a brain with a spine which the leader uses as a cane while his brother is a flap of skin which he uses as a cape.
This is his cat. He's got a furball for a brain
Up next is a Pantaloonian. These guys are born with pants attached to their bodies so they can never take them off. As a result, they cant reproduce with others and they also always have to go to the bathroom. Most of them die by holding it in too long thus resulting in a massive, firey explosion.
This is a Machotopus. These guys are too macho to attract the opposite gender. So instead, the males just hit the bars and practice singing show tunes in the streets.
This next one belongs to a species where they cant even find their own reproductive organs due to their weight and horrible anatomical design.
Next one doesn't need much of an explanation. Personality wise though, she is basically a characterization of Sigmund Freud's idea of the Id which means she is in a constant and manic state of hunger and lust, often times confusing the two.
This last species consists of aliens who are just too socially awkward to function in society.

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